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People often ask me why there are no vocals in my songs and why I've chosen to make instrumental pieces of music. A couple of years ago I released an album where I decided to take a different approach to lyrics, trying to incorporate them into the use of imagery to compliment the music on the record. The result was a series of videos that accompanied each track on the album, that hopefully answered the question of 'where's the lyrics?'

After my first album people would tell me what they imagined as they listened to the songs, and this was something that fascinated me - the idea of being able to conjure a specific image in people's minds through the use of music. This general idea inspired me so much that when it came time for a second album I actually wanted to provide the visuals for a listener, but much like a lyric can mean different things to different people I hoped that the images in these videos would have the same effect. This song 'The Be All And The End All' was the last track on my 2nd album, and it gives a good flavour of what I was aiming for... 

It was a massive creative challenge to essentially make the music and visuals for an album, and one that took a long time to accomplish. It also perhaps explains the down time I've taken after it, as creatively I feel the need to match my 2 earlier albums with whatever it is that I (eventually) decide to put out next.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music and for liking this page. At a time when the biggest band in the world can give away their latest album for free it means a lot when people stop and take the time to listen, watch and to think about the work that us wannabe musicians the world over are trying to make.

Ahoy hoy! Here's the latest Live At The Shed Pancast Poductions podcast, featuring... me!

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Hope you like it. Thanks to the Pancast dudes for being so awesome. Check out their site and other podcasts here:

Had a great time recording the Pancast Poductions podcast yesterday with Pavo and Neil - Cirencester's very own Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman! It will be out in a couple of weeks!

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