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Westfield Presents: Emerging Icons Live

I'm playing live at Westfield next Sunday - fulfilling a life long dream of playing outside Waitrose... so come down and hangout if you're in town! 

Here's the Emerging Icons write up: 

"Our acoustic Sundays down at Westfield London continue with an impeccable instrumental showcase from the brilliant Rob Johnson. His skills as a guitarist take the spotlight as his brilliant, spellbinding tunes give acoustic music a whole new sound and a unique edge. This is a set that will more than likely stop passers-by dead in their tracks to investigate where the stunning stream of sound is coming from. Having spent a number of years in many different bands, collaborating with everything from film makers to composers, rockers and dub step artists; he is a master of his craft and a multi-skilled performer. Kinda like a Swiss Army Knife. But a sexy, musical one."

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